Case Study: How Smol Coach helped Highr set up its online workshops

Case Study: How Smol Coach helped Highr set up its online workshops

(and grow their revenue 10x month on month!)

The Company

Highr is a teacher evaluation & professional development company. Their mission is to enable educators and schools to make more informed choices about classroom teaching.

The problem

A few months ago, Highr's webinars and workshops were seeing unprecedented demand. The quality of their training and focus on their clients - teachers - had put them in a great position to expand their reach and launch a wider variety of online workshops. But managing the creation, administration, and sharing of join-links, not to mention collecting payments, and doing reconciliation across all their spreadsheets  - was quickly becoming an impediment to scale.

Highr was looking for a technology-driven solution that would help them run their business while they could focus on doing what they do best - delivering world-class pedagogy trainings to teachers.

“We needed a streamlined, easy way for users to view, register & pay for sessions, and to also track backend data conveniently”
Pallavi Dwivedi, Founder and CEO, Highr

The Solution

It was at this time that Highr started to use Smol Coach. The ease of setting up multiple sessions, and collecting payments across geographies initially caught their attention. As they grew more familiar with the platform, they were able to make use of the client database functionality, to grow and target drop-off clients, and ensure that each and every session was a sold-out success.

The automatic invoicing, instant payouts, and embed functions help them project a professional and polished online booking experience, while the automated emails and reminders keep their clients delighted.

As a result of all of this, Highr has recorded a significant increase in revenue ensuring impressive month-on-month growth (and continues to do so!).

The Benefits

For Highr, using Smol Coach has helped them make their online teaching a smooth and easy experience.

Smol Coach's customizable notifications and the multiple payment options ensures that Highr can serve their clients globally (and work with coaches and experts globally!).

Smol Coach is proud to help Highr's team bring efficiency and automation to their online workshops and webinars. Thanks Team Highr!

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